Lady Bird Lake, Austin , TX

Lady Bird Lake - A Natural Wonder in the Heart of Austin

*Note: the ladybug on the logo is because the British call them ladybirds, go figure.

Lady Bird Johnson
"Lady Bird" Johnson

Lady Bird Lake is one of the defining features of Austin, TX. The tranquil lake winds through downtown Austin, giving locals and visitors a unique way to take in the city sights. See Austin in a whole new way!

Austin Skyline across Town Lake
Austin Skyline across Town Lake

About Lady Bird Lake Austin

Want to learn more about Lady Bird Lake Austin before your visit? Then you came to the right place! Keep reading to discover Lady Bird Lake history and information that can help you explore this natural wonder during your trip.


Lady Bird Lake runs between Riverside Drive and 1st Street in the downtown area of Austin. Interstate I-35 goes over Everyone passing through Austin on I-35 can get a glimpse of Lady Bird Lake as they drive over it.

Lady Bird Lake is 6 miles long and from 400 feet to 2,500 feet wide at it widest point and has an average depth of 14 feet. Lady Bird Lake is just downstream from Lake Austin on the Colorado River.


There is some confusion for people who visited Austin years ago when the lake went by another name. Up until 2007, the lake was called Town Lake Austin. The Lady Bird Lake name change was made to honor the late Claudia Alta Taylor "Lady Bird" Johnson (December 22, 1912 - July 11, 2007).

Lady Bird Johnson was the wife of the 36th President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson. She was also a lifelong advocate for beautifying the nation's cities and highways. In fact, the Highway Beautification Act was informally known as Lady Bird's Bill.

What to do on Lady Bird Lake in Austin

Lady Bird Lake is a placid lake with a constant water level. This makes it ideal for a variety of activities including canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding. However, swimming, motorized boats and jet skis are not allowed on Lady Bird Lake.

There are a number of businesses along Lady Bird Lake where visitors can rent watercraft, paddles and lifejackets. It's everything you need to enjoy a day out on the water without having to pack a single thing.

The Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail along Lady Bird Lake is also a major attraction. Every hour of the day there are hikers, bikers and runners making their way down the 10 miles of trail. Each year over 1.5 million visitors take to the trail for a relaxing walk during their vacation.

Find a Hotel on Lady Bird Lake

If you're planning a trip to Austin you can do more than just visit Lady Bird Lake - you can stay right on it! There are a number of hotels along the lake that take advantage of the spectacular views and make it easy to enjoy all the activities Lady Bird Lake has to offer.

Canoeing on Lady Bird Lake

Canoeing on Lady Bird Lake

Tourists and local residents enjoy canoeing on Lady Bird Lake.

Hiking trail along Town Lake Trails along Lady Bird Lake
You can take a nice long walk along the lake or do a little jogging along the trails beside the lake.

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Town Lake in Downtown Austin, Texas
Lady Bird Lake is located between Riverside Drive and 1st Street in Austin.